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If you wish to self refer and want to discuss a referral or get more information about the services we provide please call and speak to a member of the team.

Henna Foundation
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Forced Marriage

The Henna Foundation (formally known as All Wales Saheli Assoc) is a third sector registered charity, committed to strengthening families within the Muslim Community. The Foundation works nationally and internationally to advance the needs, concerns and aspirations of Muslim women, children and the families that they live with in.Henna Foundation believes that Muslim Communities require culturally sensitive support, advice, assistance and awareness in dealing with the issues that they face. The Foundation's ground-breaking approach is to engaging with all members of the family.Henna Foundation is committed to strengthening families and building safer, strong communities within civil society. The Foundation recognises that the benefits of psychologically healthy families in every way is critical to social and community cohesion.We provide the Muslim Family with:

  • Advice
  • Support
  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Policy Research
The project is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5 pm



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